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steps of making the product of ore

9 Step Process for Discovering, Mining & Refining Gold

Once mining gets underway, samples must be taken to determine the precise metallurgical qualities of the ore. This is done in order to determine the appropriate processing technique. Step #7 Processing (on-site) Once ore is extracted, processing it into pure gold must be done.

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Copper Mining and Processing: Processing of Copper Ores

B. Processing of Sulfide Ore. The heated liquid is poured into a slag-settling furnace. This step produces a combination of matte, a mixture of copper, sulfur and iron, and slag, a dense, glassy material made of iron, silica, and other impurities. The copper matte created by the smelting furnace

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steps of making the product of ore whitehillstree

steps of making the product of ore steps of making the product of ore How steel is made a summary of a Blast Furnace Keen Ovens. To make steel, iron ore is first mined from the ground.

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Gold How Products Are Made

The gold ore is then washed down into sluices or troughs that have grooves to catch the gold. but utilizes carbon instead of zinc to precipitate the gold. The first step is to mix the ground ore with water to form a pulp. Next, cyanide is added to dissolve the gold,

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From Ore to Finished Product Copper

From its original home buried underground in a mine to its use in a finished product such as wire or pipe, copper passes through a number of stages. When it is recycled it can pass through some over and over again. Skip to search The final step in processing sulfide ore copper from the smelter is to make high purity copper cathodes. 8

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The 6 Steps To Modern Steel Production Explained Metro Steel

Step 1 The iron making process. As iron is the main component of steel it firstly needs to be made. Iron ore, lime, and coke are placed into a blast furnace and melted. The resulting liquid known as molten iron is then formed. As molten iron still contains around 4% 4.5% impurities such as carbon which in turn make the metal brittle,

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From ore to steel ArcelorMittal

As the worlds leading steel and mining company, our business operations extend from the mining of iron ore and gold to the production of the full range of steel products and services. In 2016, we produced 55.2 million tonnes of iron ore and 6.9 million tonnes of coking coal, a form of carbonised gold burned in blast furnaces to melt iron.

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12 Steps to Take You From Product Design to Manufacturing

These factors need to be considered to ensure you will make a healthy profit on your end product. Step 9: Assembly The assembly of your product is vital if you use a glue that will degenerate quickly you will not sell many products.

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Steps in the Modern Steelmaking Process

Modern steelmaking can be broken down into six steps: Ironmaking, which is the first step, involves the raw inputs of iron ore, coke, and lime being melted in a blast furnace. The resulting molten iron, also referred to as hot metal, still contains 4 to 4.5 percent carbon and other impurities that make it brittle.

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